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Loyalty, Confidentiality, And Expert Advice

First Time Buyers

Down Payment Assistance, Mortgage Options, State and Local Assistance, Affordability Calculator, Negotiation tips, Inspections, and Neighborhood expert.

Selling Your Home

From great photos, Cleaning Assistance, Depersonalizing your home, Scheduling, Pricing , Paint options, Maximizing curb appeal, and Spreading the word.

Lease to Buy

Rent to own options can get your foot in the door while you get home financing secured. Quit your lease and keep your deposit. This is a great way to secure a house in a hot market.

New Construction

Building a home from scratch can benefit you in the multiple ways; You can dictate the size of land, save money on a brand new house, or even build the house of your dreams. If you have a great credit and the time to spare go ahead and give me a call.


If you haven’t been shopping in a while, condos can range from tiny houses, all the way to lofts with full gyms and rooftop gardens. Whether it’s your first investment or you’re moving closer to work let me find the perfect home for you.

Build a Website

Website creation, logo, marketing, optimization, development, project management, paid advertising, social media marketing all at a bargain rate. If you are into any of that, let’s meet! Parking & coffee on me!

Serving Snohomish, King, & Kitsap County

A little about Me

My Skills

Selling Homes
Selling Agent 95%
Buying Agent
Buying Agent 93%
Project Mangement
Scoping, Estimates and Timelines 95%
Outside the box thinking 99%
Web Design
Web Designer 95%
Computer Hardware
Web Designer 96%

I promise honesty, integrity, and timely communications with all transactions. I will bring loyalty, confidentiality, expert advice, and I train relentlessly to stay on top of new developments in the industry and strive to be the best.

Little bit of a nomad I have lived in New York, New Orleans, Trinidad ( back to New York), Texas, and now have been in Washington for over 20 years.

Family man: I have been married for 15 years and have three wonderful kids. I love teaching my kids and watching them grow. My family is the reason why I do everything I do.

You may or May Not be interested

"I will admit, I am a very picky customer but I fell in love with the design that was created for me. Even at it’s rough draft stages! It was better than I could even imagine and I am extremely happy that I turned to a professional for my website rather than a DIY website builder (which is what I was previously using)."
Charesse Dumlao
"He gets what you want to accomplish, then designs and executes beautifully. His ability to teach you how to make changes you want to make on your own is second to none. Highly recommend working with him!"
Owner or Eco Movers Seattle
"Thanks to George, we’ll be off and running in no time. If you have any problems or questions with a web site, I recommend you contact him."
Joe's Outdoor Store
"He designed and implemented my website, video, and viral marketing. Without him none of those things would have been possible. The quality of his work is unsurpassed. His response time to questions or needs is immediate. He is the only person I will ever use on any of my future projects."
Kathy Stevens

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Seriously, the worst thing that can happen is I won't know the answer. I will let you know that within the first a few minutes of our conversation if that's the case. Help is priceless, and I love to give it away.